Metamorphosis – Girl to Woman

April 20, 2012 § 1 Comment

East meets West

Before you start imagining a heavy dosed drama let me just cut it short and spill it, yes ‘I got Married’. Its been long since I wrote any post basic reason being, I always wanted to write about something sound and insightful and before long I realized its too much of a pain. Research, well composition of thoughts and most important a lot of time. So I decided just to write what I feel and if others decide to find something insightful then good for them.

Coming back to the dramatic headlines, now to think of it was anything but drama. Oh how I wish there would be a movie moment and stuff but that just got missed. It was definitely grand burning serious holes in my father’s a/c no wonder the relief on his face when I packed off to a different city. For me it was a grand party where I got to be the queen for one day and wearing the most heaviest of costumes and loudest make up. But who cares it seriously felt great. No complains. Probably the complaining part will begin now that actually I have got married. Wham!! Reality hits.

The change or metamorphism to talk about was not much and surely am glad about that. Honestly the changes like my new boss phrased it (yes I got a new job too!) people only change one thing at a time but I changed my city, my marital status, my job and my house. As much as it sounds overwhelming it definitely did not feel so, maybe my better half might have more to say on that. But overall as I slip into this lifestyle trying my best not to turn into the stereotypical couple complaining about the drudgery of the everyday life, I am enjoying the shift. I hope the others around me enjoy the joy ride too. Of course I will not mention the forbidden topics like the ‘in-laws’, the nuisances of domestic helps and finally the more than one uses of the sofa in your living room. Sshhhhhhh!!!!


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