Books as Decor : A New Dimension

July 7, 2011 § Leave a comment

Order in Chaos (before)

Crisp Order (after)

I think by now it must not be very difficult to guess that how I can be quite obsessed with books. We have often experimented with the bookshelf and made it a design element in our house. But this time I was more fascinated by the book display by the customized book jackets. We have witnessed the impact books can create when we arrange their spines in different styles. Colour coordinating them, the careless display of favourites on a table which is actually well thought of. In short if your a book lover your house will show it.

Coming to the customized book jackets I will give credit to Thatcher Wine of Juniper books who really gave me a lot of inspiration. This style might not impress everyone as some people find solace in the chaotic display which gives the feeling of variety. This style could be more preferred to people who gives priority to order and organization. But when I looked further I found there are many other players and it could be one of the DIY projects just for fun. It gives a total different look to your shelf and can be very interesting how a small area of a spine of a book when stacked together transform the entire display.

Go ahead enjoy the display and be sure to try them out.











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