‘Funk’ it up

May 27, 2011 § Leave a comment

Chumbak, Purple Jungle, Mara Hoffman

Like the genre of ‘Funk’ music was in vogue now its turn for the graphics to get all jazzed up. My recent fascination is with those lovely splash of colours which might seem random but definitely is in the right proportions. The first was Chumbak — a tribute to Indian street art. They have a collection of items which can be used as stationary and souvenirs. Its really fascinating how they manage to include all the intricate details into a small piece.

Next saw similar work while walking down the road of Hauz Khas village in Delhi and visiting the world of galleries. I think would definitely write a post about that experience very soon. There saw the works of the two French ladies in Purple Jungle. The colours stood out in the small outlet and I could not help but walk in to the store mesmerized with the vibrancy. But there was a difference unlike Chumbak where it was mostly illustrated this was the absolute raw Indian street art to its core. Some of it were digitized pictures of real objects. None the less a style much appreciated.

The last mention I would like to make is a name mostly popular in the fashion world Mara Hoffman, where she has made a mark with her tribal meets psychedelic prints. Its not the indian touch but somehow I the vibrancy of colours still reminded me of the style in the former two. The connection might be only in my mind but somehow I think the way these guys have created their palette is worth a look at.

I am sure there are many such artists and they would constantly be an inspiration to us to ‘Jazz’ it up. A word of thought — words like ‘Funk’, ‘Jazz’ are also music genres.


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