Dexter – Reel vs Real

May 11, 2011 § Leave a comment


My new addiction and fascination into the world of blood spatter and controversies. ‘Sinner’ or ‘Savior’ as the ads seem to debate. Well no here I am not going to talk about that as I have already bored the hell out of many people regarding this. This includes compulsive watching of the serial every night at 10. A strict ‘Do Not Disturb’ for everyone inclusive of phone calls. So when I said addiction I was actually not exaggerating.

Now here comes the interesting part. As we all know that the series has excessive content of blood bath and the main protagonist himself is a blood spatter expert. But the strange part is my interest in the serial. Myself is a character who faints at the mere sight of blood. My friends keep me away from hospitals as I have invariably ended up occupying one empty bed. In that case to have a fascination for such bloody feast every night is quite nerve cracking.

Honestly it makes one wonder the complexities of the human mind. Our likes in a virtual world can be quite a contrast in real life.


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